MHS student, associate principal drop remix of school hymn

MHS senior Elijah Thiessen, left, and Associate Principal William Terry m right, teamed up to create a fresh take on the classic Bobcats hymn “MHS of Thee.” Check out the newly-released music video on the BNN YouTube channel today!

Marshalltown High School senior Elijah Thiessen and Associate Principal William Terry have collaborated to create a great remix of the MHS school hymn “MHS of Thee.”

Thiessen had a vision to create a song that would both celebrate the graduating Class of 2021 and inspire future Bobcats. “MHS of Thee – Remix” is a feel-good song that pays homage to the original school hymn with an updated Hip-Hop feel. This song is a one-of-a-kind original, and it shows why Marshalltown High School is Bobcat Strong!

The official remix music video is up on the Bobcat News Network YouTube channel now – click here to check it out! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to BNN to keep up on all things Bobcats!

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