Longtime JBS partnership celebrated

JBS Marshalltown HR Director Patrick Brue, right, accepts an MCSD Career Readiness Partner award from Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte, left. JBS has a long history of excellent community partnership with MCSD.

Marshalltown’s largest employer is among the Marshalltown Community School District’s key partners. JBS Marshalltown Human Resources Director Patrick Brue recently accepted a Career Readiness Partner award from MCSD on behalf of the company.

“Marshalltown is extraordinarily well-known for having longstanding and strong relationships,” said Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte. “[JBS Marshalltown] has been an extraordinary partner.”

Dr. Schutte gave several examples of how JBS has supported the District’s Bobcat Ready efforts, including initiatives like the Better Futures post-secondary education funding program. The Better Futures program helps to cover post-secondary education tuition costs for local JBS employees and their families, including many Bobcat students.

Also highlighted were the company’s efforts to support MCSD through generous initiatives, such as donating water bottles and face masks for use by students and staff amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to JBS Marshalltown for being an outstanding Career Readiness Partner!

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