Roundhouse Phase 2 grand opening held March 30


Young boys overlook the new gym as part of the Roundhouse Phase 2 grand opening at Marshalltown High School on March 30.

Allie Morrison Wrestling Training Room dedicated

Hundreds of people attended the grand opening of the Marshalltown HIgh School Roundhouse Phase II project on March 30.

The event included several speakers and tours of the new facility which features an auxiliary gym and the dedication of the new Allie Morrison Wrestling Training Room.

Hosted by Marshalltown Schools Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte, the event also featured several speakers associated with the project with many former wrestlers and wrestling coaches in attendance.

MHS wrestling coach Mike Mann got emotional as he explained that the wrestling program finally has a permanent home.

“I guess I’m at the right place at the right time,” Mann said.

The near $7 million project was boosted as a total of $2.7 million was raised privately for the project. The project was led by general contractor Ball Team and FEH Architects.

Fundraising chairs Cynthia Ragland, Gary Schaudt and Heather Van Buren were recognized at the event as well as Karn Gregoire of the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation, which donated $1 million to the project.

See below for a video on the event.


Fundraising chairs, from left, Cynthia Ragland, Heather Van Buren and Gary Schaudt and Karn Gregoire of the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation.























View more photos on the MCSD Facebook Page.

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Three educators honored with Employee of the Quarter awards


Employee of the Quarter award winners from Marshalltown Schools, from left, Rachel Olson of Anson Elementary School, Shelly Chandler of Marshalltown High School and Jacque Kopsa of Franklin Elementary School.

Three educators from the Marshalltown Community School District have been presented Employee of the Quarter awards for the third quarter of the school year. The award winners include Rachel Olson of Anson Elementary School, Shelly Chandler of Marshalltown High School and Jacque Kopsa of Franklin Elementary School.

Rachel Olson
Olson,RachelRachel Olson is a special education teacher at Anson Elementary School. She was nominated for the award by Anson staff member Sally Jensen.

“Rachel is such a great asset to Anson Elementary, she makes learning fun,” Jensen wrote in her nomination.  “Rachel is always stepping up and helping wherever she can. She is always making sure every child in her classroom has someone in their corner.”



Shelly Chandler
Chandler,ShellyShelly Chandler is an English teacher at MHS. She was nominated for the award by MHS Spanish teacher James Christensen.

“Mrs. Chandler has been challenging, nurturing and reaching out to students since many of our teachers in this building were in elementary school,” Christensen said. “She approaches teaching English in an outspoken, rowdy and incredibly approachable way that resonates with a wide array of students.”


Jacque Kopsa
Kopsa,JacqueJacque Kopsa is Title I reading teacher at Franklin Elementary School. Franklin teacher Mallori Ghent nominated Jacque for the award and said she really cares for the students.

“She takes her job seriously and is well-prepared for instruction each day,” Ghent said. “She holds students to high behavioral and academic expectations in her own classroom and holds students accountable in their general education classrooms as well.”

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Marshalltown students participate in National History Day regional

Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 12.05.23 PM - Edited

Pictured are Marshalltown students who have qualified for the state National History Day competition after participating in the regional on March 27 at Central College in Pella. Front row, from left, Mary Kate Gruening, Phoebe Osgood, Emily Miller, Erin Stanley and Lucas Kramer. Back row, Averi Bolar and Jason Strand.

Seven students qualify for state

A total of  17 Marshalltown Schools Extended Learning Program students traveled to Central College in Pella to participate in the Historic Highways Regional National History Day Competition on March 27.  Students have researched topics around the theme “Triumph & Tragedy in History” and this was their opportunity to present their projects to judges. Students could present their learning as exhibits, documentaries, papers, websites or performances.

Seven Marshalltown students from Miller Middle School and Marshalltown High School were selected to advance to the state competition, which is at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines on April 29.

State qualifiers
From Miller Middle School:
Averi Bolar & Jason Strand,  “The Power of Words: Hans & Sophie School”  (performance)

From Marshalltown High School:
Phoebe Osgood & Emily Miller,” Pardon my sanity in a World Insane: The Life and Legacy of Emily Dickinson” (senior performance)

Erin Stanley, “The Iowa Hog Lift: How a Calamity Created an International Friendship” (senior individual website)

Mary Kate Gruening, “Helen Keller: Overcoming Tragedy by Using a Triumphant Voice” (senior individual exhibit)

Lucas Kramer, “The Cuban Missile Crisis: How Effective Compromise Prevented Nuclear Tragedy” (senior individual exhibit)

Other Marshalltown students who participated in the contest included:

From Lenihan Intermediate School:
Elliana Rottink, Isaac Benscoter, and Jacob Christen – “Triumph and Tragedy in the Life of Anne Frank” (exhibit)

Olivia Holmgren, Kennedy Feldman and Alexa Oliveros – “Malala Yousafzai’s Tragedy and Triumph” (exhibit)

Olivia Zavala Livengood – “Triumph and Tragedy:  How Martin Luther King Jr.’s Actions Helped the World but came with Consequences” (exhibit)

From Miller Middle School:
Layla Buschbom, “Freddie Mercury: Triumph & Tragedy” (exhibit)

From Marshalltown High School
Sofia Whaley , “Triumphs and Tribulations: The End of an Empire” (senior paper) – Special Award: Outstanding Bibliography

Klaudia Hernandez, “The Triumph of an integrated Society in Buxton, Iowa” (senior individual exhibit)- Honorable Mention (runner-up for state qualifier)

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MHS to present “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” on March 29 and 30


A few of the cast members of “Sherlock Holmes” from Marshalltown High School are pictured during a rehearsal. The play features four mini plays in one. From left is Jesse DeMeyer as Dr. Watson, Matthew Waldon as Sherlock Holmes and Alex Stansberry as Breckinridge.

Performance features four plays in one

The Marshalltown High School drama department will present the spring play “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” on Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30, both at 7 p.m., at the MHS/Community Auditorium.

The play features four separate plays adapted by Jon Jory, according to director Grant Gale. Sherlock Holmes is the private detective character from the mind of British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

“Sherlock is a very popular character that everyone has seen or heard of in one fashion or another,” Gale said. “The audience will see four of the classic stories adapted by the playwright. We are running each story as its own mini play with a different Sherlock and Watson for each.”

There are also student directors for each of the plays who are supervised by Gale. Gale said many of the students in the production are involved in multiple activities at MHS, but were able to devote time to this project as well.

“I couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work they put in,” Gale said.

Admission at the door is $5 for adults and $3 for students kindergarten through 8th grade, with activity tickets honored.


Many of the cast and crew members are pictured.


Cast of 4 different mini plays

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
Student Director – Fynn Piepenschneider
Sherlock Holmes – Matthew Waldon
Understudy -Tristen Osburn
Dr. Watson – Jesse DeMeyer
Mrs. Peterson – Mackenzie Peter
Mrs. Baker – Emily Waldon
Landlady – Reena Peterson
Breckinridge – Alex Stansberry
Little Man – Amber Lawthers
Pub Extras – Griffin Gorsuch, & Lexi Perez

The Five Orange Pips
Student Director – Phoebe Osgood
Sherlock Holmes – Olivia Jacobson
Dr. Watson – Trace Markle
John – Sam Wilder
Understudy -Fynn Piepenschneider

The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot
Student Director – Olivia Adams-Zmolek
Sherlock Holmes – Phoebe Osgood
Dr. Watson – Ashlyn Ruiz
Understudy – Fynn Piepenschneider
Mrs. Hudson –  Abby Murty
Vicar –  Andrew Corral
Margret – Amanda Hoffman
Dr. Sterndale – Lexi Perez
Telegram – Trinity Snow Snyder

The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
Student Director – Abby Murty
Sherlock Holmes – Mackenzie Moyer
Dr. Watson – Olivia Adams-Zmolek
Understudy – Phoebe Osgood
Violet – Ana Nolasco
Miss Stoper – Amanda Hoffman
Mr. Rucastle –  Trace Markle
Mrs. Rucastle – Rojin Kahraman
Toller – Sam Wilder
Mrs. Toller – Emily Waldon
Miss Hudson – Abby Murty

Production Crew
Director  – Grant Gale
Assistant to the Director – Jocelyn Frohwein
Set Design – Grant Gale
Master Carpenters – Jesus Silva & Dylan Jacobsen
Set Construction – Grant Gale, Zyrus Whitehead, Nyapukah Gatwech, & Drama 2 Crew
Set Painting – Grant Gale,  Brandon, Jocelyn and Luke Frohwein, & Students
Props and Set Dressing  – Grant Gale, Jocelyn Frohwein,
Drama 2 Crew, & Fashion Strategies Students
Light Design  – Zyrus Whitehead
Light Board Operator – Eli Draisey
Light Hang Crew  – Griffin Gorsuch
Projections Operator  – Rylena Hornberg
Sound Board Operator  – Dylan Jacobsen
Costume Design  – Jocelyn Frohwein
Costumers  – Alex Stansberry, Drama 2 Crew
Hair & Makeup  – Jocelyn Frohwein,  Drama 2 Crew
Stage Hands  – Nyapukah Gatwech, Griffin Gorsuch
Auditorium Manager  – Alan Paxson
Poster/Program/T-shirt Design – Jocelyn Frohwein & Grant Gale

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Engineering career evolves for MHS graduate


Matthew Milot works as a process engineer for Intel Corporation in Arizona. He is a 2014 Marshalltown High School graduate and went on to get a degree in chemical engineering from Iowa State University.

Milot works at Intel Corporation in Arizona

Like many high school seniors, Matthew Milot wasn’t sure about his future. That was in 2014 in his final year at Marshalltown High School.

Fast forward five years later to 2019 and he is now a process engineer for Intel Corporation in Chandler, Arizona.

After some uncertainty about the direction he wanted to take, the 2014 MHS graduate went on to study chemical engineering at Iowa State University.

“My situation was common among high school seniors,” Milot said. “I didn’t know what I was going to do after graduation, and I didn’t have a plan. I certainly didn’t think I had the ability to succeed in something as vague and scary as engineering.”

He eventually chose to study engineering as a way to pay back college debt upon graduation, and found a strong interest in the field.

“Toward the end of my studies, I requested for a position as an undergraduate researcher

from one of my professors,” Milot said. “After he agreed, I went on to carry out research regarding semiconducting materials for about a year. This was a tremendous learning experience, and it was ultimately what led me to apply for a position at Intel. Somewhere along the way, I came to really love and appreciate physics and mathematics.”

Time in Marshalltown Schools
From a young age Milot was enrolled in the dual language program in Marshalltown Schools, which features instruction in Spanish and English languages.

“The dual language program prepared me by helping me think from different perspectives,” Milot said.

He has fond memories of participating in soccer and the art club at MHS and was inspired by teachers who helped him grow along the way.

“Marshalltown Schools exposed me to a variety of things,” Milot said. “The schools exposed me to sports, art, literature, science and math. I believe my fear of subjects like math began disappearing with that exposure. I chose chemical engineering specifically because I remembered how I enjoyed taking chemistry at MHS.”

MHS chemistry teachers Stephen Frese and Mike Loupee saw potential in Matthew in high school.

“Matthew was a very gifted student with a strong work ethic,” Frese said. “I am encouraged and proud of him for attaining a degree in – and seeking a career related to – chemistry.”

Loupee said Matthew was hard-working and had a natural gift for chemistry.

“I am proud he is using his gifts in a challenging, rewarding career path,” Loupee said. “I am confident he will continue to be highly successful.”

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Visiting potter presents to art students at MHS


Professional ceramic artist Shumpei Yamaki presented workshops to students in art classes at Marshalltown High School on March 22.

Ceramic artist Shumpei Yamaki presented workshops throughout the day on Friday, March 22 to art students at Marshalltown High School. Yamaki was born in Japan and is currently a production potter based in West Branch, Iowa.

He will present an adult workshop at MHS on March 23. This is the fifth straight year MHS art instructor Kirk Niehouse has invited a visiting ceramic artist to Marshalltown and to MHS.

“By exposing students to different potters over the years they see different styles of work,” Niehouse said. “It’s bringing the art museum to them.”

Niehouse also hopes students learn more how art can be a career, not just a hobby.

“Art is not just something you do as a hobby, but it’s also a profession,” Niehouse said.

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New Intro to Education class at MHS trains future teachers


Students are pictured having a discussion in the new Intro to Education course at Marshalltown High School. This course is training future teachers while they are in high school. The MHS students also earn college credit through Marshalltown Community College.

How do we train the next generations of teachers?
By starting them young.
Marshalltown High School started an Intro to Education course this school year, with hopes that students will become interested in the education field and become teachers.
The course is taught by Jaime Anderson at MHS, who earned her master’s degree in education this past summer. The course includes work both inside an MHS classroom and observation work by the MHS students in others schools in the district at many different grade levels.
Aside from learning about the teaching field, students are also earning college credit through the dual credit partnership with Marshalltown Community College.

Click here for a brief video on the course.

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