Woodbury students write letters to Houston students affected by Hurricane Harvey


Woodbury Elementary School second grade students are writing letters to a school in Houston to show their support after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Pictured are Maritza Barajas, left, and Javier Tellez Mendoza.

Second grade students in classes taught by Olivia Romero and Lorena Patlan at Woodbury Elementary School are showing their support for elementary students in Houston displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

The students are writing letters of support to students at De Chaumes Elementary School in Houston, as Patlan has a social media connection to a teacher there. The schools have a unique connection as both are dual language schools teaching English and Spanish.

“Many of our students saw the hurricane destruction on the news and then we talked about what we could do,” Patlan said. “They are excited to write the letters.”

Patlan said there are other benefits to this project as well. She said it’s a way for the students to practice their writing in Spanish and also goes well with their lesson of being a leader and being kind.

The teachers said they will hold off on sending the letters as the students are not yet in school as clean up efforts continue in Houston.


Woodbury second graders Kevin Ibanez, left, and Allison Rodriguez write letters to students in Houston.

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